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Of course, economic opportunity isn’t everything. NYC ranks high on that score, but is notorious for its toxic non-dating culture.

Understanding your local environment, or “market” will help you to make good choices that can have a very profound effect on your future. That doesn’t mean you have to go where the money is, or where the singles are, but at least you’ll know what you’re up against.

Are you happy with the dating scene where you live? Have you considered making a move to get a fresh start? How tied do you feel to the place where you grew up, even if the economy is bad there?OffTheCuff says:
January 27, 2013 at 1:49 pm
SE: “For them to screw like bunnies in the spring time and then decide they want a virgin or a near virgin is sickening & hypocritical. Also, I think if anyone has sown their wild oats BEFORE settling down they will have it out of their system and will likely be more loyal. In my case, regrettably, I was not a virgin or anywhere near one, and I married a man who was an almost virgin”

So, what you are saying is: You sowed your wild oats, and got it out of your system, and married an almost-virgin. But, if men do the same thing, they are hypocrites? As Liz Lemon said: only women are allowed to complain about double standards.

Your own example undermines your entire argument.

SE: “Women couldn’t have such high numbers if so many men weren’t making it their life goal to pressure, manipulate & trick their way into as many women’s pants as they can”

Hilarious! Women are fully-functional adults capable of making their own decisions, consenting to sex, and weathering the consequences of those decisions. It’s incorrect to say this every time a man sleeps with a women he has somehow deceived her.

JP says:
January 27, 2013 at 1:58 pm

“. Think about it, if her “number” is high, it probably means she has had her heart broken numerous times.”

Yes, which means that she has experienced a great deal of self-inflicted emotional trauma, which will have various effects on her married life, depending on the individual in question.